Teresa Perkins

Sexual Abuse / Child Victim’s Act

Sexual Abuse / Child Victim’s Act

For ALL survivors of SEXUAL ABUSE, male, female, trans, your family, friends and other loved ones,

Sexual abuse does not discriminate, as it were.

I want to share with you a change in the law in the State of New York that finally helps to even out the playing field in favor of the innocent victims.

For the first time, and for only one year, we will be able to sue and seek compensation from schools, camps, doctors, clergy, churches, synagogues, etc. foster home abuse and all other institutions no matter how long ago the sexual abuse, rape or other touching, both physical and emotional, and I repeat, no matter how long ago it was.

The new law has what is known as a ‘look back’ period, so ALL survivors may have the chance to finally have their say, under the protection of the law.

It is time for the silenced to be able to speak.

As the look back period is only one year, so if you or someone you know or love is a victim, please message me on the website or you can call The Meyers Law Firm at 212-252-1212. Everything we say is, of course, confidential and private.